About Us

Anu Kumar

Anu Kumar is a Nurse who splits her time between New York City and Monroe Township New Jersey with her husband, 2 kids and 2 dogs. Her passion for giving back started in her childhood by her parents who tirelessly served their community. Her love of the Big Apple fueled her efforts during this Corona Virus pandemic with hopes of reaching many affected communities across the country.

Kranthi Bayya

Marketing Guru Kranthi Bayya has a background in Mechanical Engineering and Cricket Entrepreneurship with a passion toward dance and acting. During the Corona Virus pandemic, she was moved to action to support frontline workers. The name The Unending Bowl was coined from the mythical Akshaya Pathra given by the Sun God to a righteous king who had fallen on bad times. The Bowl would be unending, always generating and providing food to those who needed it.